ChurchStamp sends postcards from Guest Cards

Text In Church

Text In Church makes it easy to send a welcome text with more information to anyone who shows interest in visiting your church by adding a Plan Your Visit card to your website. 

Send Postcards With ChurchStamp and TextInChurch
Church Stamp + Planning Center + Zapier

Planning Center

If you’re using Planning Center to manage your church’s workflow you can now set up integrations with ChurchStamp so postcards are sent automatically as soon as a workflow card is updated.

Rock RMS

Rock RMS makes it easy to manage your database…so supercharge it by automatically sending postcards when people are tagged, or when they are added to a workflow. 

Integrate ChurchStamp with Rock CMS
Integrate Planning Center with ChurchStamp


Using the free ChurchStamp app on Zapier, you can connect most apps you already use, and trigger a new postcard; such as when a new Google Form submission comes in, or when a new row is added in Google Sheets. Infinite possibilities.

ChurchStamp integrates with Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Using Google Sheets is a great way to keep your data organized and updated. With our easy to use integrations you can set up automated workflows that will use the data listed in your existing Google Sheets to generate and send automated postcards.


Easily integrate ChurchStamp with the JotForms you’re already using to collect information. Connect your existing JotForm event registrations, new guest forms, kids ministry sign-ups, and volunteer interest forms to ChurchStamp using

ChurchStamp Integrates with JotForm
ChurchStamp + Mailchimp Automations


ChurchStamp makes it easy by integrating with Mailchimp, so you can trigger personalized postcards automatically to people who take action (or don’t take action on an email).

Google Forms

ChurchStamp easily integrates with the google forms you’re already using.

Using you can easily connect your existing event registration forms, volunteer interest forms, or new guest forms to ChurchStamp.