Google Sheets Integration

Integrate Church Stamp with Planning Center
ChurchStamp automated follow up for churches

Integrating ChurchStamp and
Google Sheets Is Simple

ChurchStamp integrates with Google Sheets

To integrate Google Sheets and ChurchStamp simply navigate to and create a new Zap. Next, choose one of our beautifully designed templates or create one from scratch. Then, set up your workflow and watch as personalized postcards get sent on auto-pilot.

Send Postcards Automatically When A New Row Is Added

Imagine sending form data to a Google Sheet, then automatically sending a postcard with each new row that is added.

With our easy to use integrations you can set up automated workflows that will use the data listed in your existing Google Sheets to generate and send automated postcards.


  • ✔ No duplicate data entry
  • ✔ Send postcards automatically
  • ✔ Track engagement

Imagine the Possibilities

If you’re already using Google Sheets to keep your information organized then integrating with ChurchStamp is a great way to increase engagement without increasing the administrative workload.

  • Use Google Sheets to keep track of volunteers and add ChurchStamp to send automated postcards with information about upcoming volunteer opportunities or a quick thank you message!
  • Store new guest contact information in Google Sheets and set up a ChurchStamp workflow to automatically send a postcard each time a new line is added.

  • Create a Google Sheet to manage your kids ministry. Then link that with ChurchStamp to generate and send a personalized postcard on each kid’s birthday or when they move up to the next age group.

Start Automating Spreadsheets