Planning Center Integration

Integrate Church Stamp with Planning Center
ChurchStamp automated follow up for churches

Put Your Workflow Cards to Work

If you’re using Planning Center to manage your church’s workflow you can now set up integrations with ChurchStamp so postcards are sent automatically as soon as a workflow card is updated.

This is a great way to keep your church communications streamlined and efficient. 

You mean after the person assigned to that workflow card enters the contact information and clicks a button?

Nope! We mean automatically.

Here’s how it works

Using, you can easily set up a workflow that will send postcards from ChurchStamp whenever a Planning Center workflow card is updated.

This means that as soon as one stage is marked complete and the workflow card moves to the next stage, ChurchStamp will be triggered to send a personalized postcard.

Pretty cool, huh? We think so too. 

Integration Made Easy with

Church Stamp + Planning Center + Zapier

Supercharge Planning Center with ChurchStamp.

When you’re ready to set up your ChurchStamp and Planning Center integration simply navigate to the ChurchStamp Zapier page and create a new zap.

Supercharge Planning Center With ChurchStamp