ROCK CMS Integration

Church Stamp Integrates With Rock CMS
ChurchStamp automated follow up for churches

Put Your Church Database To Work

If you’re using Rock CMS you can send postcards automatically based on a Workflow, GROUP tagging, or FORM submissions.

Our custom Zapier integration, along with a robust API, and the use of Webhooks to trigger postcards, makes integration options with Church Stamp nearly infinite.

Integrate ChurchStamp with Rock CMS

Here’s how it works

Using, you can easily set up a workflow that will send postcards from ChurchStamp whenever a RockCMS event occurs.

For example, a postcard could automatically be sent to a person when they are added to a Group, or when a stage of a Process is started.

Pretty cool, huh? We think so too. 

Integration Made Easy with

Supercharge Rock CMS with ChurchStamp.

Extend your database capabilities when you use the ChurchStamp Zapier integration. Use Webhooks, or other methods to pull data from Rock CMS and generate postcards automatically.


Supercharge Rock CMS Church Database With ChurchStamp