Follow Up Solutions

ChurchStamp sends postcards from Guest Cards

Guest Card Workflows

With ChurchStamp you can make each new guest feel like part of the family with personalized postcards, sent automatically.

Donor Appreciation Cards

Increase donor engagement and show your appreciation for their faithful generosity. With ChurchStamp you can send thank you cards to donors automatically, without the staff (or even the lead pastor) having to keep track of who gave and how much.

Church Stamp automates donor appreciation

Volunteer Engagement Workflows

Volunteers are a vital part of your church – from children’s ministry to community outreach your church can’t thrive without them. Engage new volunteers by sending personalized postcards directly to their mailbox the minute they show an interest in serving.

Event Workflows

ChurchStamp smart postcards are a great way to give additional information, send reminders, and even help generate energy and excitement for an upcoming event.

Birthday Card Workflows

With ChurchStamp you can even choose or create a different style birthday postcard for each age / audience group.

Baptism Workflows

Follow up with baptism candidates by automatically sending a personalized postcard as soon as they request information.