Text In Church Integration

Integrate ChurchStamp.com with Text In Church
ChurchStamp automated follow up for churches

Build Engagement with Your Text In Church Groups.

Effortlessly add another engaging touchpoint to your church communications strategy.

When you integrate ChurchStamp with Text In Church you can automatically send a personalized postcard when someone is added to a Text In Church group, or send a text to anyone who engages with a ChurchStamp smart postcard. 

Enhance the Plan Your Visit Experience.

Text In Church makes it easy to send a welcome text with more information to anyone who shows interest in visiting your church by adding a Plan Your Visit card to your website. 

But what if it didn’t stop there? 

Imagine if a few days after receiving your welcome text they received a personalized postcard in the mail with their name on it inviting them to attend a Sunday service or an upcoming event. 

Now that would be engaging!

Supercharge Text In Church With
ChurchStamp and Zapier

Send Postcards With ChurchStamp and TextInChurch

Use Zapier to Link ChurchStamp and Text In Church

Setting up your integration is easy, simply go to the ChurchStamp Zapier page and follow the instructions to set up a new zap.

Once the integration is set up you’ll be able to create workflows that automatically send postcards when groups are updated in Text In Church. This is a great way to keep your members connected and engaged!