With Zapier you can connect ChurchStamp
to the other apps you’re already using.

Create Multi-Channel Communication

Using Zapier you can easily connect ChurchStamp to your other communication apps such as Text In Church and Mailchimp.  

Send + Track Postcards

Use Zapier to link your church database with ChurchStamp and automatically send trackable direct mail postcards anytime a new contact is added.

Simplify Your Workflows

Easily connect ChurchStamp and Planning Center using Zapier. Then set up a trigger to send personalized postcards whenever a workflow card is updated.

Reduce Administrative Work

Adding automation to your communication strategy is a sure fire way to reduce your administrative workload so you can focus more on your members.

Automate ChurchStamp tasks using Zapier

Zapier is a powerful software integration tool designed to help you connect other applications to ChurchStamp, without the need to know any code, or hire a developer. It’s simple and powerful. 

Here are a few of our favorite zaps, but there are no limits to your creativity! All you need is a free Zapier account, and a ChurchStamp account to get started. Try these zaps out…