Grow your volunteer team.

Volunteer Engagement Workflows

Simplify Volunteer Recruitment + Engagement

Volunteers are a vital part of your church – from children’s ministry to community outreach your church can’t thrive without them.

Engage new volunteers by sending personalized postcards directly to their mailbox the minute they show an interest in serving.

Simply connect your online volunteer interest form to ChurchStamp and watch inspired volunteers line up to serve their church and their community.

Church Follow Up - Keeping it personal with


ChurchStamp generates personalized postcards for each interested volunteer within minutes of filling out your online form.


Smart Postcards mean you don’t have to lick any stamps, seal any envelopes, or make any more trips to the post office.


Personalize your postcards with the interested volunteer’s name, address, and a unique QR code so you can track engagement.


Give volunteers the inspiration they need to follow through with their interest in serving.

Wait, you mean I don’t have to spend endless hours recruiting + onboarding new volunteers?

Exactly! ChurchStamp can help streamline the process so you can get back to serving.

Touchless Recruitment with a Personal Touch

Smart postcards are a great way to streamline the recruiting and onboarding process. ChurchStamp easily integrates with the online volunteer form you’re already using (such as a Jotform, Google Form, Planning Center form, etc.).

Then, when an interested volunteer completes your online form, ChurchStamp will automatically generate a personalized postcard using your chosen template and mail it directly to their address. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Keep Volunteers Engaged with Encouragement

Volunteer engagement workflows are for more than just recruitment. Keep volunteers engaged by setting up a workflow to automatically generate and send encouraging postcards on a schedule.

Simply tag active volunteers in your database and ChurchStamp will mail personalized postcards to each volunteer as often as you want.

Track Engagement + Share Information

ChurchStamp makes it easy to show appreciation, share new opportunities to serve, and keep volunteers engaged by automatically customizing each postcard with a unique QR Code and URL.

Imagine the possibilities. Add a quick video to your website with a special message to volunteers or create a volunteer resources page, then link that to the postcard they receive in the mail.

Easily connect the QR code to automated follow up texts, emails or online information making it easy for new volunteers to find resources and register for the opportunities they’re interested in. Plus, you get a report you can use to track volunteer engagement. It’s a win, win.

ChurchStamp makes it easy to build your volunteer team so you can spend more time leading and less time licking envelopes.