Donor Appreciation Cards

Automatically thank donors for their generosity.

Say Thank You. Automatically.

Increase donor engagement and show your appreciation for their faithful generosity.

With ChurchStamp you can send thank you cards to donors automatically, without the staff (or even the lead pastor) having to keep track of who gave and how much.

Church Follow Up - Keeping it personal with

Send Postcards based on Donor Milestones

Using ChurchStamp you can set up triggers in your church membership software that will automatically send a postcard thanking donors for reaching a certain giving threshold or for giving multiple donations in a row.

The possibilities are endless and with ChurchStamp it all happens seamlessly.

Customize + Personalize Donor Engagement Cards

With ChurchStamp you can choose or create different style postcards for various giving milestones or even various funds.

For instance, ChurchStamp could automatically mail postcards to donors who

  • Commit to a new building project
  • Donate to a missions fund
  • Contribute to a member’s upcoming mission trip

Imagine if each card was personalized with the donor’s name and a QR code that linked to a special video message from you or your team.

How engaging would that be?

ChurchStamp smart postcards makes all that possible in a way traditional direct mail never could.

You choose which templates you want to use, customize them with your church branding, and easily set up donor appreciation workflows.

Then ChurchStamp will automatically generate a personalized postcard and mail it directly to your donor’s address.