Google Ads Integration

Retarget Ads with ChurchStamp
ChurchStamp automated follow up for churches

Display Online Ads To Postcard Recipients

Google Ads for Churches with ChurchStamp

Keep the conversation going when you display an online ad to your postcard recipients.

With our revolutionary technology, its simple.

Every ChurchStamp postcard has a unique QR code that is tracked. When a user view their unique code, they will be “retargeted” with a Google Ad.

Retarget Ads with ChurchStamp

Integrating ChurchStamp and
Google Ads Is Simple

Direct Mail For Churches + Google Ads
Google Ads Offline Conversions with ChurchStamp

To integrate Google Ads with ChurchStamp simply navigate to and create a new Zap. 

Choose a ChurchStamp campaign, and each new recipient can be added to your Google Ads audience list, for retargeted ads. Easy.

Start Connecting Offline
Postcards To Online Ads