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With over 80 articles including step-by-step instructions and answers to questions like “How do I track my direct mail campaign?” our comprehensive help center has everything you need to get started sending automated postcards ASAP.

User Friendly Set-up

The help center is set up to give you all the information you need to get the most from your ChurchStamp account. 

Each of the 9 support categories has its own list of helpful articles. Simply navigate to the section you need, choose your article, and follow the simple instructions. 

Then, voila! You’ll be sending beautifully designed, easy to track, personalized postcards in no time!

Chat Support 

Chat support is available, along with our robust self help documenation center.

SmartCard Personalization features

ChurchStamp delivers robust features to personalize the user's experience as much as you want...

Personalized Landing Page

Direct Mail Template Library

Track Each Mail Piece

Custom QR Codes On Each Piece

Variable Data & Logic Personalization

Dynamic or Custom Mailing Lists