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Church Follow Up - Keeping it personal with

Integrations designed to make automation even easier.

ChurchStamp easily integrates with many of the apps you’re already using like TextInChurch, Planning Center, Rock CMS, and Jotform to create a comprehensive communication strategy. 

Integrate with your registration forms to send automated welcome cards and event reminders. Or integrate with your email or texting app to create multi-channel communication that keeps people engaged. 

The possibilities are endless.

Create multiple touch points to boost engagement.

ChurchStamp integrations make it easy to create multiple touchpoints designed to keep members engaged. 

Imagine when someone visits your church for the first time and they fill out your online new guest form. With simple integrations their information is automatically loaded into ChurchStamp and a personalized welcome card is sent to that new guest’s address.

But it doesn’t stop there! When you integrate with TextInChurch and Mailchimp you can set up workflows to send an email or a text to anyone who scans the unique QR Code conveniently located on their welcome postcard. Share information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Then, they register for an event using your existing registration form, and ChurchStamp sends a personalized event reminder. 

That’s 5 touch points to boost engagement and with ChurchStamp integrations it ALL happens automatically!

That’s 5 touch points to boost engagement and with ChurchStamp integrations, it ALL happens automatically!

Wow, that was easy!

Your Tech Stack + Churchstamp

ChurchStamp easily integrates with tools you already use.

Get easy point and click integrations with over 3,000 applications with Zapier, such as Text In Church, Planning Center, Mailchimp, and Google Forms.

Zapier Integration

Connect more than 3,000 other apps to ChurchStamp, and automatically send a personalized postcard based on actions taken on forms, websites, email, text messages, and spreadsheets.

Integrate with Text In Church

Text In Church Integration

Automatically send texts to anyone who clicks a postcard link OR automatically send a postcard to anyone added to a TIC group. Efforteslly add an extra touch point.

Planning Center Integration

Automatically send postcards to anyone who is added to a workflow, or other events in PC. Imagine a person automatically receiving a customized postcard, by simply tagging them as a new member of a Small Group.

Mailchimp Integration

Integrate with MailChimp, and automatically send a postcard to anyone who takes action on an email, OR even when a new contact gets added to a new group, or tagged in Mailchimp.

Google Sheets Integration

Automatically send a personalized postcard, when a person is added to a Google Sheet. Imagine the possibilites.

JotForm Integration

Automatically send a personalized postcard, when a person completes a form online, such as Guest Cards, or Event Registration forms.

Direct Mail just got a lot smarter.

Church Stamp solve 3 problems
with traditional direct mail marketing:

Speed – what used to take weeks is now done in minutes

Tracking – you can track the delivery and response of each mailer

Integration – now direct mail can be integrated with your email & digital campaigns to drive higher response, leads, and sales

No – Brainer Use Cases For
Direct Mail Integrations

Automatically trigger a postcard to every new guest, and even send to their kids (if applicable)

Send email non-responders automated postcards

Automatically trigger a postcard when someone fills out a form